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Corporate Marketing, Promotions & Public Relations

Your corporation wants to be distinguished by the highest standards of excellence. Sometimes that means investing in a valuable partnership. Through its effective platform, Mauco Global Solutions will open the doors to business opportunities, strengthen your brand and accelerate sales cycles amongst high prestige clients. 

Social Media Partner

You understand the trend in today's market and the impact of Social Media. The right exposure can be pivotal to gaining the client base and tapping into the type of network that can bring your business into the spotlight. As a Social Media Partner, Mauco Global Solutions will strategically connect your business.

Elevate Your Professional Brand

You are a professional looking to expand and leave a mark on your industry. You possess a unique service or knowledge, but it can be challenging to tap into a new network and get the visibility you need to take your talent to the next level. Mauco Global Solutions provides you with the platform and custom strategies to create events, media buzz and relationships to create your legacy.

Events, Conferences & Seminars

Whether you're looking to increase sales, gain the latest industry knowledge, network with top leaders, or market your brand through sponsorships, we have an event that can grow your skills. Featuring some of the top speakers and industry leaders, investing in yourself through effective conferences, workshops and seminars produces top results.



“As a client of Mauco Global Solutions agency, we would highly recommend their services specializing in Events, Advertising and Network Growth. We have been engaging Mauco Global Solutions since 2015, in which that period they have been of great support and have proficiently and effectively met the needs of our agreement.”

Mauricio Ordonez, Founder | President